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This message is to inform everyone that the community continues to experience the same issues almost weekly and it's becoming very costly to the Association. There are two things that are eating away at your associations funds that could and should be going to better things in your community.


BULK TRASH - It is never okay to dump your bulk trash in/near/or around the dumpster areas. If you see this type of activity happening contact the Scottsdale Police immediately and report it as illegal dumping. If you are a resident and you're caught doing this with a photo and known unit #, you will be issued a mandatory violation fine to your account. We, the management company, are not able to do anything with a license plate # or photo of a vehicle if the offenders are not residents.

RECYCLE - Almost every week, we are notified by Waste Management of contamination charges for the recycle bins. These charges are placed on the account when items that should not be thrown in the recycle bins is discovered. Please see the attached "Most Common Contaminants" flier. When in doubt, throw it out!

If you are an owner that follows the rules and understands how this negatively impacts your association, then I'm very sorry for the tough message. I want to thank you and I appreciate your efforts in bettering your community. This message is mainly for those that just don't get it!

Thank you

Richard Calderon
Community Manager

Office: 480*820*1519